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Drain Auger Rodrunner

The Rodrunner offers all the features that contractors like in a sectional sewer cleaner – light weight, high speed cable rotation, and short, quick-coupling cables.

Most often, you set the Rodrunner up close to the drain opening. However, on easier jobs where you have some working room, you can run the machine “lawn-mower” fashion, standing behind the machine and keeping the cable taut as it screws into the line.

For close-up work, the wheel brake is set, the power switch is placed next to the machine to be used as a foot switch, and the cable guide hose is attached. Now, the Rodrunner is ready to handle the toughest stoppages in 3-10" lines, as far as 200 feet away.

Cable Included:  1-1/4” x 100’  

Additional cables available in 10’ sections.

Pricing Structure
  • 4 Hours   ($60.00)
  • 24 Hours   ($80.00)
  • Weekend   ($120.00)
  • Week   ($320.00)