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Get Expert Advice! Learn how to work like a professional and get the job done fast. One stop shopping for your project needs. From paint to plumbing, tools to tacks, and sandpaper to switches, BEi can help you out.

BEi is a family owned and operated company that opened up in 1970 and has been proudly serving our community and neighbors for over 50 years! Veteran owned since 2017. Today, we still strive to continue to offer the best customer service available in this industry because here at BEi we believe that customers come first.

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    • August 1, 2022
      " Dear Summer, stop showing off...We know you're HOT!" -Unknown
      Fun Events this August
      1st- Sisters' Day
      7th- Purple Heart Day
      19th- World Photography Day
      24th- National Waffle Day
    • July 5, 2022
      "Believe you can and you're half way there" -Theodore Roosevelt
      Poppin' Events this July
      4th- Independence Day
      9th- National Sugar Cookie Day
      22nd- Hammock Day
      31st- National Avocado Day
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