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Arc Welder

The Invertec V100-S is an ultra high speed inverter power source that delivers premium arc performance in one of the smallest packages available today. The V100-S provides this level of performance in both stick welding and scratch start TIG welding modes


  • Great for stick welding 
  • Scratch start DC TIG operation with premium arc welding performance down to as low as 8 amps
  • Built-in ''Hot Start'' for easy electrode starting
  • Compact, lightweight design weighs less than 10 lbs
  • 115V input
  • Rugged plastic case for worry-free portability and shock resistance
  • Thermostatic protection for long life of electronic components
  • Built-in ''over voltage'' protection
  • Illuminated On/Off switch for easy user feedback










Pricing Structure
  • 4 Hour   ($28.00)
  • 24 Hour   ($35.00)
  • Weekend   ($52.50)
  • Week   ($105.00)